Signs in Historic Downtown Flagstaff


Images taken during a morning walk in historic downtown Flagstaff, Arizona,
May 25, 2013.

Babbitt’s Wholesale History

Linking to Lesley’s blog, Signs, Signs.

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23 thoughts on “Signs in Historic Downtown Flagstaff

  1. What a charming city, I love the architecture!The signs are great, my favorites are The sweet Shoppe and Flagstaff ( really cool ) !
    *** Love your new profile!

  2. Flagstaff really is a unique and charming little city. We went to a really fun dinner theater there. I think it was called Black Bart’s…where the college kids were the performers and wait-staff.

    • Yes, the dinner theater is Black Bart’s. I have a photo of the sign. :-D I was going to add a small version of it to my reply comment but apparently I can’t do that.

      • Happy to know it’s still there. Thanks for the heads up on my “Signs” link.. which I fixed. I have more trouble with linking there than anywhere else for some reason …and it’s one of my favorite memes.

    • Thanks, RedPat. I’m always happy to see older buildings being used and maintained, too. They definitely have a lot more character than new builds.

  3. Historic buildings are fantastic … and a great place to put a nut house. I agree with the others; the thermometer is impressive.

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