Dining at the Bearfoot Cafe

As luck would have it, I was able to capture a video with my camera of the Mallards digging through the snow, looking for seeds. There was plenty of it under the snow as I had put it out Friday night. However, we received 8 inches of snow during the night. The Mallards arrived before I could get out this morning to put down more and they stayed for several hours. They obviously were able to find enough to keep them happy. After they left, I shoveled a path out to the feeder and put down more sunflower seeds. I am hoping they will be back later this afternoon. If not, I’m sure the little birds, squirrels, and bunnies will enjoy it. :-)

As you will see, I am not great at doing video but at least this time I used a tripod! :-D

They Came Back!

Last winter was very snowy here in central Indiana, unlike this winter thus far. (That may change this weekend.) We had approximately 20-25 Mallard ducks feeding in our back yard last February. Imagine my delight when I looked out the window on Wednesday of this week and saw them feeding here again! This time it wasn’t deep snow that brought them in but severely frigid temperatures. There were about 10 here on Wednesday but they were feeding at various spots through the yard and not in one group. I thought that ‘after the word got out,’ there would be more showing up each day but so far I have only noticed six that have returned on both Thursday and Friday. They usually show up around supper time, so I’ve been making every effort to get the scratch grains and sunflower seeds put out in the afternoon so they have enough to eat. Here are a few from Wednesday. You may click any of the images to view larger in a new window.




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“L” is for Lasso

As usual, I’m a couple weeks behind on photo challenges. I seem to find an appropriate image in my archives when searching for something else. This one is in response to the Sunday Stills challenge of February 8, for the letter “L.”

Dog Iron by Wayne Cooper

Dog Iron by Wayne Cooper

This is a photo I captured of a painting at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. It is depicting Will Rogers preparing to use his lasso to rope a horse. If you’d like to see Will performing his rope/lasso tricks, visit YouTube and search for “Will Rogers – The Ropin’ Fool.” It is posted by the Will Rogers Memorial Museums.

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Blue and White Fence…Somewhere

DSC_0823e2arfs    DSC_0823ecar2fsFrom last August, and I have no recollection of where I captured this drive-by image, other than somewhere in the state of Indiana. My calendar says that we went to Rushville that particular day but I do not think that is where I saw this. You may click either image to view larger.

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1903 Black Hawk Corn Sheller

Ha! Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly have any more photos from our visit to the Mountain Farm Museum at Oconaluftee Visitor Center in Cherokee, North Carolina! :-) This week’s Thursday Challenge is MACHINES (Motors, Gears, Computers, Electronics, Wires, Phones…).

Mike interrupted me while I was attempting to photograph the corn sheller, so these are the only images I have of it. This had captured his attention at the time and he knew I’d want to photograph it, too. :)

To see how the corn sheller operates, search for 1903 Black Hawk corn sheller. There are at least two videos that will show in the results.

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