25 Random Things

Somewhere in New Mexico June 20, 2015

Somewhere in New Mexico
June 20, 2015

Rose’s post is my inspiration for this challenge. Can I do it? Is anyone interested?

Can I even come up with 25 random things about me?!

1. I remember (as a child) my mother sending me to the neighborhood market to buy a loaf of bread for 25 cents. This was in the early 1960s.

2. My mother passed away in the late 1980s. I have her measuring spoons and think of her every time I use them to cook/bake.

3. When I was younger, I never liked being told that I looked like my mother. Now I am pleased that I do. It means I get to see her every time I look in the mirror. :-)

4. I am also happy that her values rubbed off on me.

5. She would love and be amazed at how much white hair I have. She always wanted “white hair.” I have considerably more white hair at 59 than she had at 62 when she passed away.

6. The older I get, the less ‘things’ that I want. I am in a pitching mode at present. Less is more.

7. I have a tough time sitting still as I age. We went to a free concert Wednesday night and I was actually bored, just sitting in the audience. I would have been much happier to listen to the music while I was busy accomplishing some sort of task.

8. Not liking this humidity.

9. However, not disappointed with all the rain, (20+ inches since June and at least 10-12 in the last 2 weeks) because that has put a hold on the EIGHT HUNDRED NEW HOMES that are going to be built at the end of the road behind our house. It is planned the homes will start going up this fall. So the rain is holding off the prepping of the land.

10. In the process of getting our house ready to sell and looking forward to living somewhere quieter again.

11. I have a bad habit of staying up too late. Too many years of working second shift jobs.

12. I tend to be a procrastinator but since my endocrinologist put me on a new thyroid medicine, I am making up for lost time. Probably doesn’t help my staying up late, however.

13. Remember the skin issue that Michael Jackson had…vitiligo…I have that. Might I say, it is an annoyance/inconvenience in the summertime. Having little to no pigment means your skin burns in less than 10 minutes. Sunscreen is hot/smelly/inconvenient to wear. UV protective clothing is helpful but also tends to be too hot. I have quite the array of UV clothing/accessories. I no longer enjoy being outside on a sunny day. I would say that I have lost 90% of my pigment. In my case, it was partly due to heredity but mostly due to stress. I have the worst case of it in my family for my age. I have been dealing with it for 15 years. It definitely affects one’s social life. I now look forward to winter. Who would have thought?!

14. My first job (at age 16) was washing test tubes and pipettes in the local hospital laboratory – by hand – NO gloves. This was in 1972. No one (at least in our town) had heard of HIV/AIDS yet. Thankfully, I only had that job for a month and then transferred to work in the dietary department which was a great, and well sought-after job for high school students at the time.

15. My preferred book reading is nonfiction.

16. My current favorite reading topic is endtime prophecy.

17. My favorite musician is Ludovico Einaudi – especially on a rainy autumn day – but I also enjoy Bluegrass, Celtic, and classical. Pretty much, if it is instrumental, I like it.

18. Am I imagining things or are there more Pit Bull Terriers than other breeds of dogs? Seems almost every dog I see being walked is a Pit Bull.

19. I am really tired of the animated/active pop-up ads on web pages. They take so long to load and slow down my computer even more. I just want to read the article, get a recipe, see a news story, etc. Quit with all the animated stuff already! It’s so bad, I usually leave the particular website as quickly as possible and without having read whatever I came over for.

20. Was I the only one using My-Cast web weather for PC? I truly appreciated their radar maps, which were far superior to any of the other weather radar services on the web. I don’t know if they’ve also discontinued their app for smart phones, as I don’t have one.

21. Yes, really. I do *not* have a smart phone and would be surprised if I ever get one. Hubby has one provided through his employment. He says he knows how to use about three apps on it. :-D

22. In addition to that, I do not even have texting enabled on my cell phone. If someone needs to reach me, they can call. The few times I have texted, it takes too long and my fingers are always pressing the incorrect letters. Give me a full-size keyboard and I’ll type all day. :-D (My career was medical transcription.)

23. No iPad, either.

24. I love eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches but it’s been decades since I last had one.

25. My all-time favorite sandwich is a ‘lobstah roll.’ Mmmmmm!

There. I managed 25 random, unasked-for things about me.

Now I’ll add a 26th – my favorite breed of dog is the Greyhounds. We had a retired racer female Greyhound, Sophie, from 1993 to 2000. When she died (rattlesnake bite on the tongue), it took me a solid two years to get over her sudden and unexpected death. She was my ‘heart dog’ and the first pet that I got to choose. Someday, perhaps, we will adopt another Greyhound or two again, but not until we are retired and are full-time homebodies.

The end. Period. If you stuck with me this far, thanks!  Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!  :-)